You never get a second chance to make a first impression and a little curb appeal can do wonders!

Permanent commercial copper awnings, which aren’t removable and use authentic copper in a variety of designs, add a high-end sense of luxury to your commercial building. This exterior touch is a great way to add a sense of luxury to your building, so that customers and clients expect the very best from you.

When it comes to business and branding, looks are everything. Here are 5 different business types that can benefit from the aesthetic appeal of permanent commercial copper awnings – either prefabricated or custom – versus temporary awnings or lower cost material awnings such as fabric awnings.

1. Art Galleries

If you’re in the business of selling local art, your building – both its exterior and interior – should be a work of art itself. Copper awnings over windows and doors of an art gallery help to add an aesthetically pleasing aspect to your building, helping potential buyers get into the zone of looking with their artistic eye before they ever even set foot in your gallery.

2. Doctors’ and Dentists’ Offices

Whether you’re a doctor or a dentist, you want your practice to look professional and like the best practice option in your area. This type of “look” helps patients feel confident that they’re receiving the best quality of health or dental care from you.

While many doctors and dentists focus on the interior of the buildings – including having flat screen TVs and luxury furniture – many neglect the exterior of their building. Prefabricated or custom copper awnings over your building’s doors and windows can make your practice stand out from the moment patients walk through the door, letting them know they’re walking into a successful health care provider’s office.

3. Law Firms

When it comes to choosing a law firm, clients want to know they’re working with the best. This is why so many law firms offer a variety of disciplines and focus so much on the aesthetics of their buildings – both inside and out. You want to look like a law firm that wins lots of cases, and the best way to communicate that without saying a word is to look like a financially successful law firm.

Copper awnings are definitely a high end architectural detail. Whether you choose a prefabricated or custom option, the look of copper, which only looks more beautiful as it ages, gives a sense of elegance and success that will show your potential clients that you win so many cases, you can afford to have some fancy extras.

4. Accountants and CPA Firms

Both individuals and businesses choose accountants and CPA firms based on who they think can save them the most money when it comes time to file taxes. That’s why, when potential clients come in for an initial consultation with you, it’s so important that you impress them with your building’s look and design. After all, a good CPA is a financially successful CPA, who can afford finishing touches like permanent copper awnings over their doors and windows.

5. High-End Clothing Boutiques

If you own a high-end clothing boutique, you need to prove to shoppers from the moment they reach your front door that your clothing and jewelry is worth the extra price. A building facade that looks elegant and upscale is a great way to communicate to these shoppers that the products they’ll find inside your boutique are worth the price.

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