There’s just something about having awnings over the front door and windows of your restaurant that makes your business look more inviting. Perhaps the look of a door covered with an awning conjures up images of European eateries in historic districts that your customers have either visited in person or seen in movies.

Awnings are also inviting because they serve a special need for restaurant goers, as they provide weather protection for the crowds that tend to gather up in front of eating establishments while either waiting to be seated, or after their meals while planning the next destination of their afternoon or evening. Whatever the case, one thing is certain – awnings simply look great on restaurants.

Whether you’re building a new location or you want to refresh the curb appeal of your existing establishment, restaurant awnings are an important architectural detail that you don’t want to skip. To help you with your selection, we’ve compiled this list of 3 restaurant awning design ideas.

#1. Choose Real Copper

The material you select for your restaurant awning will make a statement about your business. Your material selection will also impact the function and longevity of the awning you choose.

Fabric awnings, while common, are prone to fade, tear in the wind, and get drenched in the rain and drip water down on your customers. You’ll find that many restaurants that offer quick bites to eat choose fabric awnings, while the establishments that foodies flock to tend to choose awnings with more aesthetically pleasing materials.

At Crescent City Copper, we exclusively design, fabricate, and sell copper awnings. We’ve worked with restaurant owners throughout the country to help find the perfect look for them, while also providing the durability of copper which won’t fade in the sun, tear in the wind, and will keep your patrons from getting soaked in heavy rains. They also provide ample shade during the summertime.

#2. Consider an Oversized Piece

Sometimes bigger is better. While homeowners may select awnings that fit more squarely over their doors and windows, restaurant storefronts need to accomplish two goals: they need to provide protection from the elements for their customers, and they need their space to look appealing from the street or parking lot to entice passersby to become  patrons.

Oversized restaurant awnings serve both your form and functional needs by allowing a large crowd to gather underneath them, while also drawing more eyes to your front door. At Crescent City Copper, we have a variety of oversized copper awnings to choose from. You can also work with our coppersmiths and fabricators to design and customize oversized awnings just for your restaurant.

#3. Replicate fabric awning scallops with custom scalloped restaurant awnings

If you want a copper awning but love the look of scalloped fabric awnings, you can have the best of both worlds. At Crescent City Copper, we’ve designed copper scalloped restaurant awnings to satisfy both desires. The results are stunning!

Contact Us to Learn More About Restaurant Awning Options

We want to make sure you’re happy about the building accents you choose. In addition to offering copper awnings, we offer complementary products to add more curb appeal to your eating establishment such as copper chimney caps, cupolas, leader heads/conductor heads, louvers, roof and dryer vents, and gutters.

Adding these accents to your restaurant’s storefront can be the redesign you need to relaunch or rebrand your eatery and attract new customers.

Whether you need help selecting an awning or a complementary product, you want to learn why you should choose copper, or you have a different question, you can reach us during business hours at (877) 251-5327. You can also peruse our frequently asked questions here.