If you’re looking for copper awnings for your home or business, you may be wondering how to find the best options for your space. You’ve likely already decided to install copper awnings versus awnings made out of another material, like fabric, because you want a durable, weatherproof solution that will last and look great for years to come. But how do you find the right awning to accentuate the best features of your home or business?

Oggle our Gorgeous Gallery 

We always recommend our customers start their search by reviewing our gallery of copper awnings. Our website showcases a wide variety of solutions for home and business owners, including:

  • Residential series awnings
  • Commercial series awnings
  • Custom boutique awnings
  • Custom scalloped restaurant awnings
  • Custom oversize awnings
  • Custom oversize sweep awnings

Additionally, our website displays featured products that are popular with home and business owners throughout the United States.

Getting Inspiration From Our Product Catalog 

Many of our customers find the perfect copper awning for their home or business directly in our product catalog. We have several different styles to choose from, all at a variety of sizes and price points to fit anyone’s needs and budget.

Working with Our Coppersmiths for a Custom Copper Awning 

Some of our customers find an awning in our product catalog that they like, but they want to put their own personal touches on it. Others have seen a copper awning in their area, in a magazine, or online and they want to recreate it. We also have clients who are artistic by nature, who want to work alongside our specialized coppersmiths to design something that’s uniquely theirs!

If you want a custom copper awning for your home or business, there’s no better company to work with than Crescent City Copper. Our coppersmiths and fabricators are ready to work with you in whatever capacity you desire to help bring your dreams to life.

What to Consider When Selecting a Custom Copper Awning

Whether you’re working with our team to design a unique copper awning or selecting an awning from our catalog of pre-fabricated products, there are a few things you want to keep in mind:

1. Great design is where function meets form

Some of our customers choose copper awnings because of their durability and the fact they can weather storms and still last for years to come. Others are motivated by the look of copper awnings, particularly the beautiful patina that develops overtime.

At Crescent City Copper, we like to remind our customers that good design satisfies both form and function. You shouldn’t sacrifice one aspect of the awning for the other. Instead, we encourage you to find a solution that both looks fantastic and meets all your functional needs. 

2. Bigger may be better

A tightly fit awning may look great up close, but how does it appear when you’re standing 20 feet away, or driving by your home or business? We’ve found that many of our clients, especially building and business owners, are more satisfied with the aesthetics of larger, oversized copper awnings. If you’re unsure about what size awning you need for your home or business, our design team is happy to create mockups for you to help you visualize the finished product after it’s installed. 

3. Don’t forget additional building accents

Many of our customers find their copper awning is most complete when additional details of their homes and businesses are accentuated in copper, too. Complementary products we offer include copper louvers, chimney caps, cupolas, roof and dryer vents, leader heads and conductor heads, and gutters.

Contact Us To Learn More

Whether you’ve already found a product in our catalog that you love, or you think you’d like to work with our coppersmiths and fabricators to design your own solution, we’re here to help. Contact us today with any questions at (877) 251-5327.