“It’s just a chimney cap, nobody will notice” Beep! WRONG!

If something looks odd and tacky, everybody notices. And the type and kind of chimney cap you install makes a huge difference.

Choosing the Right Type of Chimney Cap


You want something that is strong, weather resistant as well as something that will look good. Copper is a tough metal and will last a lifetime. Not only is it low maintenance, it can help you save quite a lot on electricity and heating bills as it will help keep your house warm in winter months.

Determining the Flue Size

Make use of a professional’s assistance to measure the size of top opening of the chimney. This is its flue size. This determines the size of the chimney cap required. Like curtains, the chimney cap should just be of the correct size to look good and perform its function properly.

Custom or Standard

You can either buy a chimney cap you can find in a store or online, or you could get one customized according to the flue size of your chimney or to add an aesthetic appeal to the exterior of your house. After all, it will show. So it is best to get something that will go with your house.

Those houses which have more than two flues are advised to get customized matching the caps made as that would make the roof look very nice.


Proper installation of a chimney cap can be very difficult especially if your home is tall or has an especially steep roof. Proper safety measures should be taken. You are advised to leave it to the professionals and “don’t try this at home.”

Plus, the chimney caps need to be fixed properly to avoid any accidents.

Proper chimney caps are a good safety practice for your home. Get your chimney cleaned by a professional every twelve months.

Also, get your chimney inspected once every year.

Do all this and you’ll be warming your toes near the fireplace without any worries. And your house would actually look nicer with those copper caps installed because people notice.