Copper has been used to enhance the architecture of domestic houses for a long time. But these days you’ll see awnings being made out of a variety of materials from fabric to aluminum and everything in between.

Despite the competition, we believe there are 5 great reasons why copper is the best choice for making awnings:

Reason #1 – Corrosion Resistance

Copper is amazingly corrosion resistant. Copper surfaces form tough patina coatings that protect copper from corrosion for a long time. Most metals corrode from underneath but copper does not.

Reason #2 – Durable and Long Lasting

Things made of copper are very durable and can withstand most types of climate. It can take heat and cold alike. This is again because of the patina that forms over the surface of copper. Also, copper has a high melting point which means that it doesn’t stretch, making it long lasting.

Reason #3 – Little or No Maintenance

Copper is perfect for all those neat freaks who want everything to be perfect and aesthetically appealing as it does not require maintenance and doesn’t need to be cleaned. This quality makes it perfect for hard to reach areas and installations like chimney caps and louvers.

Reason #4 – Wide Range of Finishes

Copper is light weight and bendable. It can be molded into desirable shapes, sizes and designs. It can also be turned into the color you desire for a perfect finish.

Reason #5 – Sustainability & Recyclability of Copper

Copper is sustainable and due to this quality it can be recycled. This makes it environmentally friendly as you do not need to mine for more copper as you can reshape the old, used one into your desired mold. It can be remolded again and again without any loss which means it does not degrade.

Copper is long lasting, requires little or no maintenance, and the performance is of utmost quality. It is also recyclable. This makes it cost effective. Anything made of copper usually doesn’t need to be changed in the lifespan of the building itself.