Here we will discuss a few styles and types of awnings made of copper that you will find for sale on our website:

Textured Awnings

To give a building a rich, classy yet modern look, go for sleek, buffed to shine textured awnings. The best ones are made from a solitary copper sheet and have flawless finishing. Some have notable seams that give them a very traditional look.

Victorian Style Awnings


These have a more aesthetically pleasing and umbrella-ish appearance. These may have sculpted edges, and or tile like visual appeal. They may also include dome shaped awnings.

Standing Seam Awnings


These basic awnings with standing seam copper panels are very common. They can be used anywhere and everywhere as they tend to match with most buildings and any architectural style. They may be slightly concaved or completely flat.

Wedge Awnings


Their basic frame may or may not be made of copper. The canopy material otherwise may differ. Size and depth may vary too.

Other Factors to Consider

You can choose from a great number of awnings as they vary in sizes, material used, and arches. But if it is copper, you can get one that is exactly what you wanted and best suits your needs.

If you cannot find one, you can get one custom-made according to your requirements. That way you ensure you get the perfect shape, arch and the perfect seams.

Copper can’t rust, it just gradually transforms into a wonderful colored patina that acts as a protective covering for the metal and saves it from corrosion. You may have to wait very patiently for the patina as it may take around seven to ten years for it to form. But if you are in a hurry to get the desired results, you can use chemicals meant for this purpose but be very careful as you would want to avoid any streaks.