We sell our custom awnings all over the world, but no matter how far we ship them, we still believe they are most popular right here in Louisiana.

Why is this?

Louisiana Style

copper awning

Louisiana is well known for its French heritage when it comes to food and culture. But we also see this French Heritage strongly reflected in our housing choices.

Many upscale neighborhoods around southern Louisiana feature French cottage design homes. These homes feature lots of stone, brick and natural elements which include copper. Just look around any golf course development or planned patio home community and you’re bound to see copper awnings and lanterns on most homes you’ll see.

Weather Considerations

Well first there’s the weather. Louisiana has a humid sub tropical climate with long hot summers and short mild winters with frequent precipitation throughout the year. Rainfall is higher in the summer months, so it is better to be prepared. Also, be ready for the sunshine and heat because it is either rain or the hot sun that you’re getting this summer.

The extreme weather in the summer is just one of the reasons people get copper awnings installed locally. They are strong, and they protect your house from sunlight and heat. In the rainy season, they protect the windows from rain. Additionally, they can be shaped and sized according to your requirements. They are cut out of copper sheets, the seams are welded, and they are then colored and shaped.

Saving Energy

In case you haven’t noticed, it gets pretty hot in Louisiana!

And while everyone is looking to save a buck on their energy bill, some people realize that cutting down on the heat coming into the house will help reduce energy usage.  The less the sunlight, the less the heat your air conditioner has to fight.

Government studies confirm that awnings do in fact help with energy conservation.  While estimates will vary depending on where in the country you live, there is now hard evidence that you can reduce your cooling costs as well as drop the temperature indoors by almost 20˚.

Sun Protection

Having a window in your room could be the best thing ever but it can ruin your valuables in no time at all. If direct sunlight comes through those windows, your curtains and other things in your room will become two toned eventually.

Awnings can protect your windows, your curtains and your sofas from fading or cracking. If direct sunlight falls on your photo-frames, decoration pieces and artwork, they will fade and start peeling off. Simply reflecting the sunlight with an awning helps eliminate this problem.