A vacation home makes getting some well-deserved R&R that much easier. There’s no need to worry about finding and booking a hotel; you already have the perfect space to enjoy your days off in peace.

A second home is also a great place to try out fun decorating styles that are different from your primary residence.

beach house rental interior decor inspiration

To make decorating your vacation home a breeze, we’ve included some fantastic tips for nailing that timeless look. Let’s dive right in!

Keep It Simple

Simple works best for a vacation home. Keep in mind that simple doesn’t have to mean boring at all.

Instead, we recommend focusing on effortless, durable pieces that will stand the test of time.

Using a more classic color palette and design scheme will save you from trying to keep up with the trends year after year. On that same note, look for items that don’t require a lot of TLC and pampering to look their best.

Machine washable fabrics are always a safe bet!

You can also make use of slipcovers to keep things as low-maintenance as possible. Light colored linens look lovely in a beach home. Darker cotton covers blend in seamlessly with the rustic charm of cabins.

After all, your vacation home should be a getaway spot and never stressful!

Let Texture Reign Supreme

To add a little life and fun to your second home, crown texture as king. Handmade and gently worn items are well-suited for relaxed spaces such as a beach house or cabin in the woods.

Pieces of driftwood can be repurposed into shelves, wall art, and even picture frames. You can even hunt for decorative items on the beach.

Keep your eye out for sand dollars, shells, and colorful rocks. You can easily rinse them and display them in a shadow box or simple glass bowl.

These natural works of art are excellent conversation starters and sure to delight guests!

For a more rustic feel, use reclaimed wood for headboards, backsplashes, and custom furniture.

A worn coffee table can be brought back to life with a warm stain. You can also paint older pieces of furniture in off-white shades to play up that distressed look.

Chairs that are well-loved make for ideal complements to your bigger pieces of furniture, and keep the comfortable vibe going.

Have Fun with Color and Copper

Don’t forget to add a pop of color here and there. Coral off-sets cool color palettes beautifully while lavender juxtaposes nicely against warmer tones.

Either color palette looks lovely with the timeless warmth of copper.

For a more subtle look, add copper pieces to your kitchen or study. Copper pans and lights make for a sophisticated feel in any kitchen or dine-in area.

There’s nothing more elegant than a collection of copper items in your office or workspace; think desk taps, letter organizers, scissors, and containers.

To make a bigger statement, go for wall sculptures and art.

A collection of stars hung tastefully on the den wall is sure to look radiant year after year. You can even use the metal outside your home on gutters and downspouts to boost its curb appeal!

At Crescent City Copper, you’ll find a wide variety of timeless copper pieces sure to suit any home. Reach out to our team of original New Orleans Coppersmiths to find the right items for your vacation home!