You work tirelessly to make sure your home’s exterior is ready to make the best first impression. Why not brighten up your outdoor space with the warmth and radiance of copper?

radiant decorative copper in the garden bed

Here are 6 surefire ways classic and durable copper can punch up your garden.

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1. Edge Your Flower Bed with Copper

Copper edging adds texture and warmth to your raised garden bed. It also deters some of the biggest garden pests including slugs and snails.

Of course, to get the maximum effect all edges of your flower bed should be covered.

For a softer look, arches of molded copper can be made to overlap. To complete installation, copper wire should be utilized to keep everything in place.

Remember, copper builds a gorgeous patina as time passes. If you’d rather keep the bright shine of new copper, these edgings can be treated to keep the look for years to come.

2. Keep Spring All Year with Plant Stakes

Even between blooms, copper plant stakes bring beauty and whimsy to your beds. Any number of stunning designs can be had to punch up your garden no matter the season!

Need to label your plants? Copper plant tags are a more durable alternative to the pen and paper method. Rounded copper tags can be easily engraved and attached to plants with wires.

Allow them to develop that gorgeous patina for a secret garden-esque look.

3. Create Eye Catching Signs

Address signs are perhaps more famous for being perfectly suited to homes in rural areas.

However, even city slickers can enjoy the beauty of a copper sign.

It’s easy to get creative with this design. If an address sign doesn’t work for your home, why not announce ‘Welcome to Tara’s Garden’? (Using your own name, of course!)

Regardless of the message, each of our panels are treated to protect the sign from the elements.

Once your sign is finished it can be hung on a fencepost or mailbox, or even applied to a stake for ‘planting’. This custom masterpiece is now ready to be displayed for years of delight!

4. Brighten Things Up with Tiki Torches

Who doesn’t love tiki torches? Brighten up your backyard day or night with the copper version.

Line a walkway with these torches to provide extra light or group them in threes to center the light and make a bigger impact.

Tiki torches are also the perfect excuse to throw a backyard party!

5. Decorate Your Exterior with Copper Downspouts

Downspouts are crucial for protecting your home’s foundation. They carry water away from your home and prevent it from collecting in large pools.

While downspouts certainly have an important purpose, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity to decorate your home’s exterior, not to mention enjoy the superior durability of copper downspouts.

They suit both modern and classic designs, making any home look more radiant and chic.

6. Add Radiant, Copper Rain Chains

Rain chains are popping up on the most fashionable homes as a more artistic alternative to downspouts for those more visible parts of your exterior where you can manage the runoff.

They function in much the same way, gently guiding water away from your home’s exterior. As the water flows down the rain chains, it creates a soothing sound that is a treat to listen to; as a bonus, should you decide to move you can take your artful rain experience with you!

Copper rain chains look especially fetching and can be found in a variety of styles from the classic link chain to the playful tulip design.

Our handmade copper professionals at Crescent City Copper have everything you need to make your home shine! Reach out to our copper experts to find the perfect pieces for your home.