Keeping your house perfectly warm (or cool, depending on the season) requires a lot more than a good heating and cooling system. The right ventilation system protects your home from mold, mildew, and wood rot while keeping you and your family comfortable.

Whether you’re building a new home or renovating your current place, knowing the basics of roof and attic ventilation can help you get the most for your money. The material you select for your louvers and cupolas is important not only for aesthetics but also durability.

Let’s take a look at why ventilation matters and how to enhance its benefits with the use of copper.

How Proper Attic and Roof Ventilation Protects Your Home

Over time heat and moisture can build up in your attic, which may cause mold and decrease the effectiveness of your insulation. Poorly ventilated attics will reach astonishingly high temperatures in the summer, increase the heat in your home, and raise your cooling costs.

Attic ventilation counteracts these issues by removing that excess heat and moisture to protect your roof and home.

Roof systems have both intake and exhaust vents.

Intake vents can be found near the eaves, or the edges of the roof, while exhaust vents are located on the upper part of the roof and can be installed in the forms of louvers. Intake and exhaust vents work together to allow hot air to escape from your home naturally.

Cupolas also help with passive ventilation.

With their dome-like shape, cupolas are designed to allow warm air to escape from the home while bringing cool air in. As the hot air cycles out, the cool air entering lowers the temperature to prevent excess heat, moisture, mold growth, and wood rot.

We typically think of attic and roof ventilation structures as completely functional in form. However, they can have a great effect on your home’s appearance and now come in many different materials and finishes.

The Added Benefits of Copper Cupolas and Louvers

Copper roof vents are an upgraded version of the traditional style.

The shiny material looks beautiful as it catches the sunlight and reflects its rays. Its thick, durable nature withstands all of the elements from scorching summer days to rainy winter nights.

As we mentioned, proper roof and attic ventilation is incredibly important to the well-being of your home, and copper is designed to perform this job well.

Copper louvers can also be used to lower your electricity bills by drawing out excess air and preventing any outside air from getting into your home by attaching them to ducts. They will even protect your attic from sunlight and rain.

Copper cupolas are a popular option for providing much needed ventilation and decorating the home’s exterior simultaneously. The classic look adds a touch of elegance and brings to mind grand, established homes in the countryside.

You’ll be able to suit the style and color of your home well with this eye catching material. The tone of the material plays up warm shades nicely while contrasting with cooler tones perfectly.

Over time, your copper louvers and cupolas will develop a lovely patina.

At Crescent City Copper, we offer several styles of copper louvers, including the traditional rectangular and tombstone wall vents. You’ll also find a-frame, eyebrow, eyelid, octagonal and round options to suit just about any space or angle.

Our copper cupolas are handmade right in New Orleans. We offer both the traditional shape and dome shape in any size needed. To find the ideal copper cupolas and louvers for your home, consult the Original New Orleans Coppersmiths today! We’ll find the perfect choice to suit your tastes and improve the ventilation in your home.