We’re in the heart of winter despite what the thermometer says, though we’ve a ways to go before the glory of Spring truly arrives. Let’s face it, no snow leaves some decor addicts cold in New Orleans, while cookie-cutter decor styles focused on snowflakes and frost just don’t work for our area.

Your home decor can give you the cozy feeling you’re looking for if you focus on textiles, bright metallics, and rustic pieces. Here’s how to make the most of winter interior style in our snow-free area.

Let Metallics Warm Your Home

Metallics have come a long way in recent years. No longer are we limited to shades of silver and gold. These days you’ll find everything from rose gold to copper to deep bronze to spice up your home.

There are several reasons these shades have become so popular and will continue to be for years to come. Metallics, despite having some very eye catching colors in the range, are the perfect neutral.

They suit cool and warm tones perfectly. Match cool metallics with cool color palettes for a put-together look or pair shades like silver and pewter with warm tones for an updated, modern finish.

With their luster, metallics have a way of giving everything a fresh, of-the-moment feel.

If you’re tired of the same ol’, same ol’, break out metallic pillows, throws, wall art, and other decorative pieces like coasters, vases, and candlesticks. A little shine goes a long way, and you can make things as lustrous as you wish!

If you just can’t get enough of the metallic trend, then you’ll want to bring in bigger items to really make a statement. Think sofas, chairs, and tables that have bright finishes or satiny fabrics.

Stay Cozy with Textiles

Textiles are one of the more forgotten about pieces of home decor.

Sure, a good rug in your living room or plush bedspread makes a difference, but to really get that cozy winter feeling you’re going for, you’ll have to think bigger.

Think of textiles as a way to “dress” your home for colder months. Add a soft furry rug (and yes, faux-fur works just fine!) right by your bed for a warm awakening each morning. White and creamy tones are easy to match with almost any color scheme.

Next, give your drapes an update. Heavy, solid fabrics ground a busy room fast while prints and soft fabrics can add some much-needed pizzazz to more modest spaces.

Don’t forget your kitchen either. Coordinate your apron, pot holders, napkins, and tablecloths.

Work in those metallic shades if you’re so inclined, or keep things simple with a bright solid hue.

Bring in That Rustic Feeling

Home decor has been more moving to a more inviting, casual style over the last decade or so.

Even if you prefer a more formal finish, you’ll enjoy that relaxed feeling in communal spaces in your home such as the family room, kitchen, or back porch.

Look for rustic pieces like barn-wood tables, butcher block islands, and iron bed frames.

For the outdoors, incorporate copper fire pits, rain chains, and windchimes. These pieces delight all of your senses and keep you warm during the winter. You’ll love having that extra bit of shine outdoors during these grayer months!

At Crescent City Copper, you’ll find plenty of classic pieces perfect for creating a winter style that’s 100% your own. Reach out the Original New Orleans Coppersmiths today to find exactly what suits your home.