There’s hardly a decorative item that makes a statement as well as the finial. These ornamental pieces can found atop roof ridges, peaks, gateposts, and garden arbors.

But truth be told, any space gets a splash of style with the addition of a bright finial. Even bookcases and mantelpieces benefit from the accent of a quality architectural piece like a finial.

Decorating with finials is sure to be one of the biggest decor trends of the year! Learn more about how to enhance your indoor and outdoor spaces with these eye-catching and historical pieces.

The History of Finials

Finials have a long and rich history. The ornamental pieces have been used to decorate buildings since the days of the Greeks and Romans.

Finials also graced the tops of pagodas during the 8th century; the Japanese were known for using copper to create finials in various shapes such as wheels and rings.

The actual term finial came to be in the 15th century and has its roots in the word “final,” as they served as the final decorative touch on structures. The pieces quickly grew in popularity in North America.

They were used to decorate homes and barns, but today you’ll see them everywhere from offices to interior spaces.

How to Decorate with Finials Today

Just as the location of finals has evolved over time, so have their shapes and designs. You’ll find them in traditional round shapes as well as more decorative styles like pineapples and fleur-di-lis.

Finials are the ideal way to add a beautiful finishing touch to your home as they draw your eye upward and make your house look more stately.

For your interior, use antique finials as bookends or place them on top of your favorite stacks of coffee table books for an added bit of interest. You can even paint or distress them to match your decor.

Make more mundane aspects of your home a little more fun with finials. Swap outdated doorstops and door knobs for decorative toppers. You can even add one to a more utilitarian coat rack for a bit of elegance, or use them as towel hooks in your bathroom.

How about in the garden? Finials can be adhered to garden stakes to separate and mark your latest growings. If you’re feeling crafty, get your hands on an oversized finial, have it carved out and use it as hanging planter!

The Beauty of Copper Finials

It’s true finials can be found in a variety of materials and each one can serve a unique purpose for your home.

For outdoor use, you’ll be in good hands with copper, as its made to withstand the elements and ages beautifully. Any finial placed outdoors will be up against many seasons of rain, wind, and sun; with copper, you can be sure that you’re investing in a piece that will see you through many years of use.

The versatile material matches a variety of styles and comes in a number of finishes. At Crescent City Copper, we manufacture finials in all shapes and sizes.

Add a regal feeling with our Avalon Series finial or show your Louisiana pride with a fleur-de-lis design. If you have a specific design in mind, we’ll be happy to create a custom finial for you.

Contact Crescent City Copper today and get ready to make your home complete with beautiful copper finials!