No matter how hard you look, sometimes you just can’t find what you want.

We get it. We’re in the “custom” business. We’re used to building things that people dream up. But sometimes our customers aren’t used to it being this easy.

This featured project was part of a commercial building renovation. As you can see from the photos, this building has a one of a kind look and feel.

The name of the store is the “Iron Horse” and it looks like a 1700s era building from a wild west movie. You sort of expect Clint Eastwood, or maybe Rango, to come swaggering out the front.

The building features custom brickwork. Wood frames around the windows. A distressed front door. A classic clock. Copper lanterns. And yes, copper awnings too.

But these are no ordinary awnings.

Yes they somewhat resemble most standing seam awnings similar to our 1000 series awnings.

But look closer. There’s no copper on the sides. No iron frame. It’s wood…

This awning is 100% custom made.

A Custom Awning for a Custom Project

The client was a general contractor and wanted to maintain the “old west” look and feel of his building. The woodwork was very important to him.

You can see this in the wood surrounding the windows and the distressed door. The client wanted the awnings to look something like the front part of a train. It’s called a “pilot” or “cowcatcher” but you know it when you see it.


Image Credit: Wikipedia

The problem is that we’ve never made a frame like that before. We’ve certainly never made one from wood!

But that was yesterday, and now we have!

The client fabricated the 3 awning frames on his own and we brought the copper to him, cladding the awnings with standing seam copper on site.

Completely hand made in the USA. Completely custom.

The client was incredibly happy to put what he considered the finishing touches on his building. And we were happy the client was happy!

If you have a hard to design awning you’d like to build, don’t give up. Call us today and let us see if we can help! You’ll be glad you did.