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Copper Leader Heads/Conductor Heads

Copper Leader Heads/Conductor Heads

Copper leader heads or conductor heads make the perfect architectural accent to copper gutters. These pieces are also known as collector boxes or scupper boxes and add both style and function to your gutter system.

In addition to serving as an accent piece – these leader heads also allow for improved water collection and dispersion especially during periods of heavy rainfall.

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Historically Beautiful

Leader or conductor heads have an interesting history as they have always been an important aspect of nearly all homes. Originally, water flowed through gutters to one single pipe as their outlet. Leader heads or conductors heads would serve as joints but often caused disastrous leaks.

Today’s leader heads have been completely reworked and modernized. They are now available in a variety of materials, shades, and styles.

So, instead of being merely a functionable item, they serve as decorative pieces as well. They allow for the proper flow of water but can also be styled to suit your home. An ornamental design adds to the overall beauty of your home.

They also allow for easy drainage of water and protect your home from water damage. You can even use them as a catch basin to avoid clogs and facilitate the function of your gutter system.

Copper is the Superior Choice

Conductor heads are typically made of copper, aluminum, and galvanized metal. Each material has its purpose, but copper has come into fashion in recent years for good reason.

Galvanized metal lends itself to corrosion quite easily, while aluminum often fails to stand the test of time. Copper, on the other hand, is quite durable.

Instead of becoming corroded as the years go by, copper develops a beautiful, natural patina. This occurs due to humidity and moisture in the environment.

Patina develops as way to protect the copper and further increases its durability. This is one material that does the hard work for you!

So, it’s no surprise that copper is popping up as popular choice for leader or conductor heads across the country. You can expect your copper leader heads/conductor heads to last for years to come!

Yes, a material this gorgeous is low-maintenance too. No need to repaint the surface every year as you would need to do with galvanized metal.

Our copper leader heads are made to work as lovely accent pieces for your home.

Of course, copper is quite malleable, which allows our team at Crescent City Copper to customize your leader heads or conductor heads. We’ll work with you to create a piece that suits your taste and the architectural design of your home!