We get a lot of requests in for customized awnings. Some are normal size, but a unique design.

Others are bigger than our normal awning sizes. And some are like this project… huge copper awnings with crazy customizations way up in the air!

This particular awning wound up being one of the largest we’ve ever done. It was at least 30’ wide and over 20’ tall.

Plus, it had some of the most interesting customizations we’ve ever done as well including:

  • Custom curve on the panels
  • Custom made radius crown
  • Custom gutters
  • Installed with a 60’ man lift!

Renovated Restaurant with Unique Specifications

The client on this project is a restaurant owner in the French Quarter who was completely renovating their building. And not just renovating mind you, adding on. In a big way.

The client added an entirely new facade to the building which included a covered entryway, balcony and awning.


The awning itself is a standing seam copper awning base, but customized for the project. In addition to the awning, we installed a wood structure under the awning for support including an ice and water shield.


And while we’re talking about water, notice the copper leader heads (also called downspouts) funneling water from the roof down to the drainage system. They look like they’re coming through the wall, but that’s actually the roof!

If you’ve got a custom project like this, give us a call. We love a good challenge almost as much as seeing the finished product built to your specifications.