When it comes to keeping your home at the right temperature, whether that’s warm or cool, chances are good you think about your air conditioner or heater. You likely don’t immediately think about the roof of your home, but you should. This is where your roof vents are located, and they play an important role in regulating the temperature in your house.

What Role Do Roof Vents Serve?

Roof vents serve a very simple, but very important purpose – they help to vent heat from inside the roof of your home.

Why Is Ventilation Important?

Why does ventilation matter, though? Isn’t that why you have an air conditioner and heater? Actually, ventilation in the space between your home’s ceiling and the roof is critical for many reasons. One of those should be relatively obvious – the reduction of heat. The less heat in the space under your roof, the more efficient your home’s air conditioner will be.

Ventilation matters during the cooler months of the year, too. For instance, a well-ventilated space will have less chance of developing mold and mildew, which means less health impact for you and your family. Temperature control in the roof space also helps to increase the longevity of your roofing shingles or other roofing materials by preventing condensation.

Finally, you’ll find that your local building codes also require your home to have proper ventilation. While you will not have an issue with code enforcement in normal times, this could be a stumbling block if you find that you need roof repair, or decide to add onto your home.

Why Are Copper Roof Vents Recommended?

Now that we have established just how important it is that your roof be properly ventilated, we need to explore why copper roof vents are recommended for the job. There are less costly materials on the market, so why would you choose copper roof vents?

Durability: We’ll begin with one of the most important selling points of copper roof vents; their durability. Most vents are made from light gauge metal or aluminum. This is easily damaged by flying debris and hail. Depending on the type of metal, you may even find that inferior vents rust (due to the use of ferrous metals and a lack of protection). Copper roof vents, on the other hand, are incredibly durable. They can last for decades without any need for repairs or maintenance.

Aesthetics: Another reason for the popularity of copper roof vents is the beauty of copper. When it is new, the metal is warm, with reddish hues that set it off. However, as it ages, it will develop a unique patina that changes its color, giving you a one of a kind design element for your home.

A Range of Styles: Finally, you will find that there are numerous styles available when it comes to purchasing your new roof vents. You can choose decorative or plain, and vents designed for a number of purposes, too. For instance, you can install a copper plumbing stack, a copper kitchen vent, a copper jack with star cap or band cap, or even go with a Victorian-style ridge cap and jack if you really want an eye-catching element for your home.

Choosing Your Roof Vents

As you can see, roof vents are absolutely essential to your comfort, the health of your family, and even the longevity of your roof. However, run of the mill vents are ugly, and they may not stand the test of time. Your home deserves an accent piece that will last for decades to come and that will stand out from the crowd, as well.

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