Of all the metal humanity has ever used, copper is the oldest mankind has mined for many purposes. Dating back more than 10,000 years, we have always used the metal as an effective tool to forge our way into the future. Today, many architects design the exteriors of homes using copper because of its durability, strength, and its ability to last for decades with little or no maintenance.


A Copper Cupola

Architects will often add a copper cupola to the decorative styling of a home’s exterior, because of its beauty and functionality. A cupola that has been designed with windows, louvers, or vents is often used as a way to vent heated air and gasses from the interior of the structure to maintain better interior air quality. The decorative styling adds a sense of sophistication and elegance to any home’s flair and style including Contemporary, Traditional, Georgian, Classical, and Colonial. They can be fabricated with four, six, or eight sides, and with or without a dome. Some include a weather vane or a spire and all are beautiful in design.

A Copper Cupola for Your Roof

Adding beauty and value to your home, our cupolas are guarded from the elements, and protected from extensive heat. Built with architectural elements and a height of over five feet, they can dramatically lower the home’s cooling bills while improving the air quality in the attic, by ventilating heated air to the outside.

Built as an all copper unit, the louvered vents provide great ventilation for the interior of the structure, while the delicate sweeping roofline, or optional dome, naturally shuns away water and moisture. With decorative features that include a finial or spire, these attractive copper roof cupolas can be fabricated in nearly any size. As a high end unit, it adds the finishing touch to a home accentuated with copper. You can easily create an architectural masterpiece that will last, maintenance free, for decades.

A Natural Beautiful Patina

There are three easy ways to maintain the finish of a copper cupola. Left untreated and alone, the copper piece will develop its own natural, beautiful patina over the years as the metal oxidizes from the environment. Additionally, through chemical enhancement, an instant green, natural-looking patina can make the cupola look weather aged instantly. For those that want to have an untouched look and allow the copper cupola to remain beautiful and shiny, a protective coating can be added to the metal to guarantee that result for years.