Whether you’re renovating your entire kitchen or just craving a fresh look, copper is a beautiful complement to any kitchen. This timeless metal is perfect for the kitchen as its antimicrobial properties, and ever-developing patina are important parts of its charm.

stunning handmade copper kitchen sink

Here’s why copper is a must for any modern kitchen.

Your Sustainable and Malleable Germ Fighter

Copper is an excellent choice because it’s one of the most reusable metals available. Unlike iron and steel, copper is a soft metal that can be repurposed after years of use.

As homeowners become increasingly concerned about their long-term environmental impact, copper will be more highly prized as a sustainable choice for kitchen hardware.

The term “malleable” refers to the flexibility of copper that makes it ideal for being reshaped. The thickness of copper sheets is measured using the term “gauge.”

As the gauge number decreases, the thickness of copper increases. Experts recommend that 12-14 gauge copper is ideal for most projects. Anything higher than 16-gauge will be too thin for long-term use.

The antimicrobial properties of copper means bacteria won’t live for more than a few hours on a copper surface. Most kitchen surfaces will have bacteria festering until you apply bleach or other potentially harmful deep cleaning agents.

Artisan Designs: Hammered, Stamped, Brushed, and Finished

Given its malleability, copper is an excellent medium for artisan designs. Hammering copper gives a rustic, hand-crafted appearance that adds instant character.

These indentations are practically beautiful, as they keep the metal from being too slippery and smooth. You can also use hammering or stamping to imprint an artistic design on the copper.

Brushing copper creates a more gentle texture than hammering while still avoiding slippery smoothness. As a patina develops, the brushed texture deepens into a more complex design.

Finishes can be applied to copper to prevent denting and preserve color. There’s a wide variety available so you get to decide what to prioritize when choosing a finish.

If you love the look of a shiny, new penny, you can choose a finish that will prevent a patina from developing and keep that shiny look forever!

Of course, applying a finish will interfere with copper’s antimicrobial properties so you’ll need to decide if that’s important to you.

Copper Accents Around The Kitchen

If you want warm tones in your kitchen, copper is a perfect accent color. Adding copper tones may be as simple as replacing taps and faucets then adding copper light fixtures to pull it all together.

A copper sink is a beautiful centerpiece for your kitchen. Farmhouse mounts are ideal because the front of the sink is exposed to reveal beautiful craftsmanship. This perfect for an elaborate hammered or stamped design.

The old world feel of copper is also an excellent pairing to add interest to an undermount sink.

From a distance, the crisp lines of an undermount design have a modern look. When you discover a beautifully hammered copper sink, it suggests an appreciation for beauty even when it’s not bold and showy.

Copper countertops are reflective and easy to wipe down. They’re much sturdier than tile and won’t retain grime or grow bacteria. The malleability of copper means you can cover over existing countertops for a less expensive upgrade.

If you don’t want to change your existing hardware, consider artisan copper cookware for a splash of warm color. Copper cookware is a top choice for cooking and looks beautiful when stored out in the open.

A simple rack for hanging pots will add charm to your kitchen without the need for a complete renovation.

If you’re interested in copper accent pieces or custom-made work, get in touch with our team of experts. We’d love to discuss your ideas for adding copper to your kitchen and custom pieces.